Delivery & Pick Up

Our delivery time is between 12-4pm, as determined by the day's delivery route. Our driver will call you ahead of time to ensure pick up, and we kindly ask that you go to the ground floor to pick up. 



Pick up schedule:
Fri & Sat: 13:00-17:00
All other days are by appointment only

Our address:
5th floor, Good Harvest Industrial Building
9 Tsun Wen Road, Tuen Mun, N.T.
(5 minute walk from Exit F2, Tuen Mun MTR)

Please call/WhatsApp 57236676 to let us know your time of arrival, and a team member will meet you at the elevator area of 5F and pass your order to you.


星期日:1100 - 1400

五樓,好收成工業大廈, 震寰街 9號, 屯門

取貨當日請致電/WhatsApp 57236676,通知取貨時間,員工會在五樓電梯位交收。

Please refer to the info below according to your order's pick up date.

Upcoming Dates

Dec 9 (Sat) @ TST 16:00
Dec 16 (Sat) @ CWB 16:00
Dec 22 (Fri) @ Central 18:00
Dec 23 (Sat) @ TST 16:00
Dec 24 (Sun) @ CWB 16:00
Dec 30 (Sat) @ TBC

We will update the exact location once the driver has found parking

*We will contact you ahead to ensure pick up. If you cannot make it on time, please call 57236676 or by WhatsApp, and we will arrange alternative delivery for you. 
*Customer must meet at the pick up point at the specified time. After that, our staff will leave the premises and we can only arrange delivery to you (delivery fee will be paid directly to driver upon delivery).
*If we cannot reach the customer by end of flash pick up, the customer will have given up on the order and no refund will be provided.
*Due to the hot weather, we suggest customers to order ice bags or bring their own to the flash pick up, and to put the cake(s) in the fridge within one hour of pick up.
*We won't carry extra ice bags or candles at pick up, so please add items at order.
*Customer must check product at pick up. For any issues, call immediately.
*Pick up orders cannot be changed within 2 working days of pick up.

*由於天氣酷熱,建議客人自備/ 加購冰袋以確保蛋糕的質素。取貨後1小時內放置蛋糕於約4°C的雪櫃內。