Galette des Rois 2024 Coming Soon

The Origin

Epiphany, a religious holiday celebrating the day the Three Kings visited Jesus, has now transformed into a modern tradition where family and friends gather to enjoy Galette des Rois, also known as The Kings’ Cake.

The Galette

Our signature puff pastry, flaky exterior with airy interior, is filled with rich almond & Madagascan vanilla cream. Once out of the oven, we brush local winter honey and sprinkle bee pollen to add a hint of sweetness and aroma. The symmetric pattern on top is hand-carved by Mandy, also seen in classic French galette.

What makes our puff pastry stand out from others is time, namely patience. We dedicate days to making the layers, the lightness and characteristics of an excellent puff pastry.

One galette serves four to six people.

The Fève

Valuing craftsmanship above all else, we worked with local ceramic artist Jennifer Tai and her team at The Toki Studio @thetokistudio to design the fève for us. 

Jennifer uses Japanese porcelain to promote the idea of craft and she hand-carves each bee to characterize the honey flavour in the galette. The delicate details of the bee showcases patiences and skills.

Proudly made in Hong Kong 🇭🇰

The Crown

To play, cut the galette into the same number of pieces as there are participants. The fève is concealed, so every player has a fair chance. Whoever chooses the slice with the fève is crowned king or queen for the day, and rewarded with a year of good luck. 

Bonne Chance!

*Please check for the fève before eating as the ceramic is inedible.